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Foster Care in West Virginia

The State of Foster Care in West Virginia

Foster Care in West Virginia As of July 16, 2023, there are 6,357 children in foster care in West Virginia. Many of these are in the foster care system because of the opioid epidemic. The Mountain State lacks enough families and community support to provide a loving home for… Read More
Wedding dress seized under civil asset forfeiture law

What is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

In the United States, civil asset forfeiture is a legal process through which law enforcement officers may seize assets from individuals that they suspect of committing a crime. The key here is “suspect” of committing a crime. There is no requirement for the person whose assets were seized… Read More
West Virginia University (WVU)

West Virginia University Faces Budget Deficit

West Virginia University Faces Budget Deficit Here in the Mountain State, it’s hard to miss the news that West Virginia University is facing a $45 million budget deficit. Over the coming 5-7 years, the university is projecting a need to reduce their overall budget by at least $75… Read More
New York

A New Yorker’s First “Real” Trip to West Virginia

From New York to West Virginia When I started working at Cardinal in May, and being from Upstate New York, I had little firsthand experience with West Virginia. I knew a fair bit about the Mountain State’s history, geography, and some of the current issues. I pride myself on being… Read More
Education Reform

Education Reform Success Will (Luckily) Depend on Reformers

Success in Public Policy Reform You’ll have to excuse me for a moment. . . I was calculating how long I’ve been formally employed in the nonprofit public policy industry. I think I may have suffered what I’ll call a “revelatory aneurysm.” I have been working in public policy reform… Read More
West Virginia

Why Is It Still Light Outside? Reflections on Leaving West Virginia

Leaving West Virginia I am West Virginian, born and bred. I was born 15 minutes down the road from where I would live in Logan County. My parents raised me in an unincorporated community outside a very small town in a river valley. Apparently, they took me to… Read More
Mental Health

Mental Health in the Mountain State

Here at the Cardinal Institute, we’re devoted to prosperity for West Virginia. However, it’s hard for anyone to prosper when they are attempting to cope with anxiety, depression, and addiction. To start a business or have a successful career, one must have a sound mind. The good news is that… Read More
Jessica Dobrinsky Harris

A Farewell From Jessica Dobrinsky Harris

So Long, Farewell Nostalgia. Gratitude. And a tinge of bittersweet sorrow. It is the only way to describe the complex storm of emotions I currently hold onto. At the end of the month, I will bid farewell to the organization that has been my home, my sanctuary, and source of… Read More
certificate of need regulation research

A Growing Body of Research On Certificate of Need Regulations

Research About Certificate of Need Regulations Grows At the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to spend two days in Morgantown with a collection of scholars. They came from around the country, but all had ties to West Virginia. We spent that time learning about, providing feedback to new… Read More
new businesses

States Should Celebrate New Businesses

What a State Celebrates Matters Show me what a state celebrates, and I will show you what a state values. For now, one would have to assume that revenue is the “highest good” for the state’s political leadership. On one level, this is understandable, but it’s important to recognize… Read More