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    • Your support enables the Cardinal Institute to create, produce, and advance policy solutions that empower West Virginians and limit government. Our efforts led to monumental policy wins that created opportunity and economic freedom in West Virginia.

           – The largest income tax cut in state history

           – Hope Scholarship (school choice for WV families)
           – Right-to-work and freedom from coerced association

    • Our work is made possible by voluntary donations from supporters who believe in the principles of individual freedom and limited government and want to see a prosperous future for West Virginia. Cardinal receives no money from the government. People like you ensure our shared principles have a voice in West Virginia.
    • Join the Cardinal Institute to achieve the “West Virginia Miracle” – an economic turnaround built on economic freedom, education freedom, worker freedom, and the state motto, “Montani Semper Liberi” (Mountaineers Are Always Free). Support us with your generous donation today!


    The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy works alongside Mountaineers to build a West Virginia Miracle founded on economic freedom, education freedom, worker freedom, and a culture of freedom enshrined in the state motto: Mountaineers are Always Free.

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