Frequently Asked Questions About the Cardinal Institute

What is the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy?

The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank founded in 2014. The Cardinal Institute is dedicated to researching, developing, and communicating free-market economic public policies that promote liberty, prosperity, and personal responsibility in West Virginia. We believe these principles will help West Virginia thrive like never before – and achieve the economic turnaround that we like to call the “West Virginia Miracle.”

Who founded the Cardinal Institute?

The Cardinal Institute was founded by St. Albans-native, Keith Pauley, our chairman of the board. Keith and others thought it important to have a free-market, limited-government voice actively and consistently engaged in the marketplace of ideas in West Virginia.

What is a think tank?

Think tanks provide academic content, participate in debate & discussion, and build policy concepts to help solve the challenges faced by the communities they serve – Cardinal’s community is the 1.8 million individuals that call West Virginia home. Most importantly, think tanks educate the public about how proposed or existing policies impact their lives.

Who funds the Cardinal Institute?

The Cardinal Institute is funded through foundation grants and donations from private individuals.

Does the Cardinal Institute accept taxpayer money?

No, the Cardinal Institute does not receive funds from any government institution. All donations to the Cardinal Institute are voluntary.

Does the Cardinal Institute support politicians or candidates?

No, the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and as such, is not involved in elections or political campaign work per IRS regulations.

Where is the Cardinal Institute located?

The Cardinal Institute’s office is in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.

Is the Cardinal Institute pro-business?

The Cardinal Institute is pro-market, not pro-business.  Our mission demonstrates our commitment to free market principles and limited government. We do not seek any favoritism or advantage for any industry, business, or special interest.

Will the Cardinal Institute share the names of its donors?

Cardinal strictly respects donor privacy. Cardinal believes in transparency for government and privacy for citizens.

Why do donors give to the Cardinal Institute?

Donors give to the Cardinal Institute because they share our values, mission, and vision for a more-prosperous West Virginia. Quite simply, Cardinal’s donors share our principles about what fuels prosperity and want to partner with us achieve the “West Virginia Miracle.”

Does the Cardinal Institute lobby?

By law, the Cardinal Institute is permitted to lobby. Cardinal has lobbied for one year and at a level far below what is permissible. Cardinal’s decision to lobby is made on a yearly basis.