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Unbundled Education Conference

An Unbundled Education Revolution in West Virginia

Traveling to Arizona to Learn About Unbundled Education West Virginia, whether she knows it or not, is in the midst of a revolution. An unbundled education revolution. And I am here for it! But where did it all start and where is it heading?   I was… Read More
Love and Loyalty to West Virginia

G.K. Chesterton on Love, Loyalty, and Political Reform

Reflections from G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy Recently, I have been reading G. K. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy. His 1908 work has settled in as a seminal piece in Christian apologetics. The book was written as a “spiritual biography,” as described by Chesterton himself. It chronicles… Read More
Maimonides Shares About Work & Charity

What Ancient Jewish Wisdom Has to Say About Dignity Through Work

Work Shouldn’t Be About Left or Right Every American deserves a chance at earned success. It’s energizing to live life on our own terms through a career we enjoy. However, for too many Americans, poverty is something they can survive but not escape. The system makes choosing not… Read More
2024 West Virginia Legislative Session - WV State Capitol Building

2024 West Virginia Legislative Session Recap and Reflections

The 2024 West Virginia Legislative Session in Numbers It is the end of the 2024 West Virginia Legislative Session. As the action in Charleston has wrapped up, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what has transpired. Certainly, there were fireworks and heated debates along the way. Interestingly… Read More
Grocery Store Produce Illustrates Food Choice

Food Choice in Bureautopia

Grocery Stores in Bureautopia There was once a country called Bureautopia. Bureautopia, in its time, looked surprisingly similar to the United States. It had vast natural beauty and resources. It had varied regional cultures across its land. And it had a government that, for better or worse, tried… Read More
Hope Scholarship helps students, families, and schools.

OP-ED: New Hope Scholarship Application Cycle Means More Opportunity for More WV Students

New Hope Scholarship Application Cycle Means More Opportunity for More WV Students This op-ed was originally published with the Spirit of Jefferson newspaper on Feb. 28th, 2024.   On March 1, the Hope Scholarship will open applications for the 2024–2025 school year, kicking off a new year-round… Read More
Valentine Heart

A Valentine to West Virginia

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there is a lot to love about West Virginia. This is my valentine to West Virginia containing a few of my favorite things. Our Wild And Wonderfulness Firstly, West Virginians truly live in a natural playground. When it comes to getting… Read More
Education Sherpa

Education Sherpas

A Seismic Shift in the Education Landscape The world of K-12 education has undergone a seismic shift since the COVID-19 pandemic. Righteous parental response to school shutdowns, remote learning, exposure to curriculum, and unequal access to online education precipitated massive legislative response… Read More
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Extending Foster Care Services for a Successful Adulthood Transition

West Virginia Offers Extended Foster Care Services West Virginia is one of 26 states that allows foster care services to be extended after the age of 17 through the age of 21 for teens transitioning into adulthood. Extended foster care services include optional services for previous foster care indi… Read More
health care workers

‘Tis the Season for Goodwill: Eliminate CON

Tis the Season to Enjoy West Virginia’s Beauty Christmas is my favorite time of year; West Virginia’s tenacious spirit is perfectly exposed during the holiday season. It’s during these somber, chilly months that I miss my home state the most. However, this year’s yuletide pilgrimage back… Read More