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WV state government is known for its wild and wasteful spending.

Wild & Wasteful Spending in West Virginia

Wasteful Spending: A Trade Secret   In 2017, an investigation was launched into the West Virginia Supreme Court for overzealous spending. 2009 sparked a renovation initiative for the Court with a price tag of roughly $876,000. But, by 2017, the expenses ballooned to $3.7 billion. Most notable o… Read More
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“Taxes Aren’t Convincing, Beaches Are:” Is It True?

Florida has a beach, beautiful weather, and, most importantly, Disney World. Who wouldn’t want to move to the Sunshine State?   This seems to be a wildly popular argument for those opposed to elimination of the personal income tax (PIT), using Florida as an example that growth is not from… Read More
CON laws lower the amount of hospital beds WV has.

Reforming West Virginia’s CON Laws

West Virginia has had crisis after crisis imposed on it; some have come externally, but many have been so tragically self-inflicted. The best example of this cycle is how our certificate of need a.k.a. CON laws have hampered our ability to respond to any of the health issues our state… Read More
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Is Private School Covered by the Hope Scholarship?

Can Hope Scholarships Help Pay Private School Tuition Fees?: Marginal v. Total Thinking Explainer Another concern with the proposed Hope Scholarship is the matter of whether or not the scholarship amounts would truly make a difference to families with the lowest incomes. This is particularly a conce… Read More
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Career Education Gets People Jobs

Apprenticeships and Career Education Get People into Jobs Do you need a college degree for a great career? Certainly not. February is CTE Month, a time to think about how career and technical education can be a fast track to jobs and community development. Vocational programs can prepare students fo… Read More
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Telemedicine Saves Lives

Thanks to increasingly popular technology, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to get basic medical care. Telemedicine allows you to meet with your healthcare provider via smartphone or computer. For states with large rural areas, like West Virginia, telemedicine could provide healt… Read More
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ECON 101 with Dr. JT: Education Costs & the Hope Scholarship

Education Costs & the Hope Scholarship   Amid all the talk about why lawmakers in West Virginia should or shouldn’t pass legislation that introduces Hope Scholarship education savings accounts to students and families across the Mountain State, one major point of contention always comes bac… Read More
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A $15 Minimum Wage Will Destroy West Virginia

Not yet a month out from Joe Biden’s first day in office, the newly inaugurated President has signed 25 executive orders and proposed plans for impactful change across the nation. Lumped into a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, the President has suggested increasing the federal minimum… Read More
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West Virginia Should Eliminate CON Laws

By Garrett Ballengee originally published by West Virginia Executive Magazine as an Executive Exclusive.   Experts say that certificate-of-need (CON) laws are hurting the quality of health care in West Virginia, but there are efforts to eliminate the onerous regulations. CON laws require health… Read More
your child could benefit from the hope scholarship in west virginia

Let’s give Hope (scholarship) to those that need it.

SEE IF YOUR CHILD QUALIFIES FOR THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP   One of the top concerns for everyone is equity in education. On paper we have done a good job, investing near average for the nation per capita despite having a historically low GDP. But beyond budgetary reports, how equitable… Read More