Why a Health Care Tour?

The Cardinal Institute is about to embark on a multi-town, multi-month barnstorm across West Virginia to discuss healthcare reform. The reasons for the subject matter are obvious, and legion, as the statistics around West Virginia’s healthcare system are sobering. Yet, the options for reform are far less obvious. So, of course, a conversation is a natural thing to facilitate, but why a tour? (Note: we’ve not made rock show-esque commemorative tour t-shirts, but we could be persuaded.)

Why not simply host a series of Zoom conversations or host a big standalone event in Charleston? Sure, it would be cheaper and certainly easier, logistically. But, we believe in our gold-and-blue veins that it is imperative in West Virginia to get outside of the capital region and meet our fellow Mountaineers face-to-face to discuss critical topics like healthcare. West Virginians deserve to have the opportunity for impactful policy conversations without having to travel hours to get to Charleston.

We believed this during our efforts to educate on school choice; we believe it as vehemently on the topic of healthcare. Is it financially risky? Yes. Is it time-consuming? Yes. However, to us, the reward of meeting people in person and discussing these issues is worth every bit of time and money it takes to put something like this on.

From Huntington to Harper’s Ferry and Mineral Wells to Morgantown, the Cardinal Institute will be coming to a town near you to discuss healthcare public policy. Please take a look here:

The Cardinal Institute prides itself as not simply being another Charleston-centric group, but as an organization that promotes ideas which will benefit every West Virginian. We also know that we are not the only people who have thoughts, ideas, and prescriptions for our state, so please come ready to share and give your opinion on the ways in which we can achieve the one thing we are all fighting for: a better, healthier West Virginia.


Garrett Ballengee is the Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy.