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Restaurants need better regulations going forward

Restaurants Need Reasonable Regulations

COVID Hit Restaurants Hard 2020 was a year full of struggle for every American. Job losses, constant worries about health and wealth, and isolation generally made this year one we all want to forget. But while we are doing that, we should make sure that we don’t forget… Read More
The Hope Scholarship for students is not a voucher.

Hope is not a Voucher

West Virginia just made history by passing the broadest school choice program in the nation – the Hope Scholarship program. Time will be the judge of our grand experiment. However, one thing already needs to be cleared up about this program. It’s not a voucher.   Is the Hope Scholarship… Read More
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Universal Occupational Licensing Recognition Promotes Worker Freedom

On this blog we’ve written about occupational licensing reform before. For workers to freely pursue happiness, we need to reduce the red tape that stands in their way. Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss a few options to remove those barriers to work. Today, I’d like to… Read More
Telemedicine reduces unnecessary doctor's office visits

Telemedicine: Embrace the Future

Our inflated healthcare costs are one of the biggest flaws of our current system. Wherever one looks, barriers to competition, innovation, and diversification exist. Telemedicine, via its easy and low-cost operation, can help solve these problems. Sadly, too many barriers exist to this easy solution… Read More
Families can use learning pods to meet their needs

Learning Pods: The Newest Parent-Led Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a challenging era for education. Public schools have adapted curriculum to an at-home learning environment, and some private schools have closed their doors permanently. Many parents have responded by considering new options for their students – learning… Read More
Legislative win give us hope in West Virginia

Legislative Win Brings New Hope

Although a legislative win sometimes feels instantaneous, the immense amount of work behind it is seldom seen. Whether it is an Olympic sprinter crossing the finish line or a bill passing the legislature, the effort required often lies in darkness. It never mak… Read More
Congress recently passed the American Rescue Plan

American Rescue Plan Dooms Tax Cuts

On March 11th, President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion relief plan. Known as the American Rescue Plan, this Act intended to help the American economy recover from the year-long coronavirus pandemic. The most discussed parts of the program are the individual stimulus checks and expansion of the… Read More
WV state government is known for its wild and wasteful spending.

Wild & Wasteful Spending in West Virginia

Wasteful Spending: A Trade Secret   In 2017, an investigation was launched into the West Virginia Supreme Court for overzealous spending. 2009 sparked a renovation initiative for the Court with a price tag of roughly $876,000. But, by 2017, the expenses ballooned to $3.7 billion. Most notable o… Read More
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“Taxes Aren’t Convincing, Beaches Are:” Is It True?

Florida has a beach, beautiful weather, and, most importantly, Disney World. Who wouldn’t want to move to the Sunshine State?   This seems to be a wildly popular argument for those opposed to elimination of the personal income tax (PIT), using Florida as an example that growth is not from… Read More
CON laws lower the amount of hospital beds WV has.

Reforming West Virginia’s CON Laws

West Virginia has had crisis after crisis imposed on it; some have come externally, but many have been so tragically self-inflicted. The best example of this cycle is how our certificate of need a.k.a. CON laws have hampered our ability to respond to any of the health issues our state… Read More