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Inflation: What Is It? How Did We Get Here?

Prices Are Rising. Blame Inflation. With every trip to the store or browse through the fabled Amazon wish list, the higher prices remind us of the struggles that come with recent inflation.    But what is inflation? — Aside from a major pain in the wallet. … Read More
free speech at wv colleges is hampered by speech codes

Free Speech Imperiled by Campus Speech Codes in West Virginia

New Research Highlights Free Speech Violations on WV Campuses An analysis of speech restrictions at West Virginia’s four-year colleges and universities has shown widespread violations of free speech. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), where I worked for five years, found clo… Read More
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5 Ways WV Can Spend Its COVID Relief Funds

All the Money in the World and No Place to Spend It? Between COVID relief funds and budget surpluses, West Virginia is flush with cash, perhaps to an extent unlike any time in its history. The prudent question must be how the state will spend –… Read More
Energy Costs Are the Result of Bad Policy

Rising Gas Prices Are the Result of Bad Energy Policy

Gas Prices Are Rising Across the Nation As of May 19th, all 50 states had a retail price for gas over $4 a gallon. According to AAA, Oklahoma provided the cheapest gas to Americans at $4.03 per gallon, while… Read More
Kids Imagine New Future in WV

Hope Scholarship Rules Provide a Strong Foundation

Hope Scholarship Rules Are a Good Start On April 18, 2022, the Hope Scholarship Board passed an amended version of the rules to govern the Hope Scholarship. These rules are governing the program as emergency rules, pending final approval by the state legislature. These rules are not perfect but they… Read More
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Beware Empty Political Language

Election Season ‘Tis the season…    If you’re into politics, that is.   Doors are being knocked on. Stump speeches are ringing throughout communities. Ads are on TV, radio, and all over the Internet. Candidate mailers are hitting mailboxes. Citizens… Read More
Kids Imagine New Future in WV

Hope Scholarship Has West Virginians Imagining a Brighter Future

Imagination is a curious thing, something inborn, but sadly, for most adults, it fades over time. The ability for one to conceive of a different, better world becomes more difficult for adults as the reality of life, with all its setbacks and disappointments, settles in. This is especially true in… Read More
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Keep Telehealth Accessible for Rural Patients

Location Shouldn’t Determine Health Care Access “A zip code shouldn’t determine your future.” It’s common to hear this phrase during discussions about education and school choice. But why should the freedom to choose what’s best for your family stop with education… Read More
Out of State Lawyers are interfering with WV Students' Education

Who Is Really Behind the Lawsuit Against the Hope Scholarship?

Not Everyone Wants Families to Choose Their Child’s Education People who think they know better than parents often seek to challenge programs aimed at empowering families. When West Virginia passed the Hope Scholarship, it was lauded by supporters as an opportunity to help invest in children w… Read More
Learn More About West Virginia's Hope Scholarship Eligibility for Your Student

What West Virginia parents need to know about the Hope Scholarship

Apply Now! What is the Hope Scholarship? West Virginia parents now have more flexibility and choices to educate their children. The Hope Scholarship, passed in the Legislature during the 2021 Regular Session, is a portion of state-allocated educational dollars that funds a student… Read More