Tiffany Hoben

Director of Education Partnerships & Strategy

Tiffany believes strongly in the correlation among character, liberty, and a free economy. Tiffany has served as a K-12 Civics Literacy Captain and Regional Director at the Florida Department of Education and led a team of Instructional Coaches in implementing Florida’s revised Civics and Government Standards. She played a pivotal role in shaping standards and benchmark implementation at the district level, facilitating workgroup sessions, and ensuring the seamless execution of state-level policies in education. Tiffany excels in project management, professional learning facilitation, state-level curriculum and instruction, as well as team management.

She brings in-depth knowledge of Civics and Government, along with possessing expertise in instructional materials review and state policy implementation. In addition to her contributions to education, Tiffany proudly served in the Army with the Florida National Guard as a Combat Field Medic, demonstrating her commitment to service and leadership. Driven by a passion for education and a commitment to shaping the future of students, Tiffany continues to make meaningful contributions to the field of civics literacy, bringing a wealth of experience, leadership, and expertise to every endeavor.

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