Comparisons and Rankings

State Journal:  WV ranks as the second poorest state in nation.  >read more

WSAZ: Povery Numbers Rising in WV: More than 1 in 4 Children in WV lives in poverty.  >read more

US Census:   WV’s child poverty rate in 2013 was 26.6 percent, the 7th highest in the nation.  >read more

ITIF study:  WV Ranks 49th in Economic Development Strategies Based on Innovation and Technology.  >read more

US Chamber of Commerce:  West Virginia Report Card.  >read more

News.Mic:  And the Fattest State in America Is …  >read more

Washington Post:  Mississippi and West Virginia are the most obese states.  >read more

Charleston Gazette:  West Virginia women rank last for salary, employment.  >read more

WV Public Broadcasting:  #1 in Obesity.  >read more

NY Times:  McDowell County is one of the hardest places to live in the US.  >read more

#1 Most Socialist State.  >read more

W.Va. 8th Most Dependent on the Federal Gov’t. >read more

America’s Health Rankings: WV 46. >read more

WV Ranked 3rd for Prescription Painkillers. >read more

For Second Year, W.Va. Ranks 47th in the Nation in Education. >read more

Gallup: Last in Well-Being. >read more

National Journal: Well-Being. Again. >read more 

USA Today Report: The most miserable states in the USA. >read more

Business Insider: The 11 Most Miserable Cities in America. >read more

Gallup: North Dakota Leads in Job Creation for Fifth Straight Year. >read more

The State Journal Group ranks WV K-12 education system dead. >read more

Tax Foundation: WV’s Tax Climate. >read more

The State of Obesity: WV. >read more

Obesity in West Virginia. >read more

Bluiefield Daily Telegraph: McDowell Ranked last. >read more

CDC: Smoking and Tobacco Use. >read more

The West Virginia Record: Lawsuit Climate Ranked Last Again. >read more

WV Ranked last by League of American Bicyclists. >read more

West Virginia’s Report Card. >read more

America’s Greenest States – WV Ranks Dead Last! >read more West Virginia Crime Index City Rank. >read more

Volunteering and Civic Engagement in West Virginia. >read more

Parade: What Are the 10 Richest (and Poorest) States in America? >read more

Denver Post: Top Party School Ranking. >read more

Businesses Look at Litigation Climate and Leave the Mountain State. >read more

West Virginia Life Expectancy. >read more

Lawsuit Climate in America. >read more

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