Good Governance and Ethics Reform

Good governance is a critical principle that is required for any well-functioning political system.

Legislators, policymakers, and public employees must behave in a manner that is consistent with the highest ethical code and standards. Recognizing that ethical violations will–and often do–occur, West Virginia must ensure that the proper procedures and guidelines are in place to protect taxpayers, ensure a healthy system of governance, and punish those who violate such standards of conduct.

The Cardinal Institute believes that our government has a moral responsibility to use taxpayer dollars wisely. Every dollar of taxpayer money that is spent on activities that fall outside of the proper function of government is a violation of the good-governance principle.

For far too long, West Virginia has been harmed by political logrolling and “pork” spending that is not justifiable in the best of economic times, let alone during the hardship West Virginia has experienced.

The Cardinal Institute maintains that West Virginians need to transform the way they view the proper role, scope, and function of state government.

For more on this  critically-important topic, please see Cardinal’s study on waste in the state budget, “Wild, Wasteful West Virginia.


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