Tax Reform

West Virginia’s tax policy could use an infusion of freedom. 

It is incumbent on our elected officials to spend taxpayers’ money responsibly and construct the most freedom-enhancing tax policies possible. West Virginians must ask ourselves how much government we want and, more importantly, how much we are willing to pay for it?

Tax policy is of utmost importance for economic growth and prosperity.

Evidence abounds that West Virginia’s current spending and taxation paradigm is no longer competitive in a 21st-century framework. Therefore, elected officials must continue to look for creative ways to spur economic activity.

West Virginia cannot simply have a competitive tax structure–our tax system must favor entrepreneurial spirit rather than burden productivity.

We must ensure our state and local governments spend taxpayer dollars wisely with a pro-economic growth tax system that is simple, transparent, neutral, and impartial. A complete overhaul of our current tax code will be an excellent place to start.

For effective reform, we will have to make thoughtful decisions about what is essential and appropriate for our government to do and what is better left to the private sector and civil society. West Virginia must do all it can to control government spending by narrowing the focus to what government is uniquely qualified to provide to its citizens while ensuring fiscal transparency and accountability.

A tax code that encourages economic growth and innovation while maintaining the aforementioned principles is an excellent way to put West Virginia back on a healthy fiscal path. 


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