Economic Competitiveness

We must remove the hurdles and barriers that drive commerce out of our state and increase the costs of goods and services for businesses and families.

The Cardinal Institute is on a mission to make our state a competitive and desirable place for innovators, educators, retailers, manufacturers, families, and others alike. We seek to encourage others to choose West Virginia over the many other options they have.

Our abundant natural resources supply our national and international energy markets.

Our state is located within a day’s drive of half the population of the United States.

We have outdoor recreational assets that draw visitors worldwide and are like nowhere else in the country.

We have a culture that believes in personal responsibility, an honest day’s work, and the desire to raise our families in safe communities.

Unfortunately, barriers of entry to our state overshadow these resources, assets, and values.

We must enact laws that protect against frivolous lawsuits and out of control awards that still maintain the rights and safety of individuals.


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