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We're building a miracle in West Virginia

Timeline of a Miracle

Timeline of a Miracle in Education We have seen some amazing changes in West Virginia over the last six years. This is in large part due to our efforts to build the West Virginia Miracle.   Six years ago, no one in West Virginia even knew what an education savings… Read More
Charter schools give teachers more flexibility and help students thrive

Charter Schools Expand in West Virginia

West Virginia & Charter Schools West Virginia’s charter schools have had a long and difficult road to approval. The state legislature passed the original law allowing the creation of this new kind of school in 2019. This law set a cap of 3 schools within the initial 3 years. In… Read More
Does West Virginia have a future or will it continue to languish?

Is There a Future for West Virginia?

West Virginia’s Path: A Different Future or the Eternal Now?  Sweaty, breathing heavily on a stationary bike at 5:30am, I was watching the most recent season of Netflix’s popular show, Castlevania, when a main character, Isaac, said something that floored me:   “They convince us… Read More
Sandboxes promote innovation in a safe environment

Sandboxes For All

Sandboxes Promote Innovation Regulation and innovation are inherent competitors with government-mandated constraints to what a person can and cannot do. The laws dictated by federal and state agencies create significant barriers to startups and protect existing companies from new competition. Howeve… Read More
West Virginia needs more drug addiction treatment

The Economics of Drug Addiction Treatment

West Virginia Needs More Addiction Treatment Services The principle of supply and demand has been with us since Adam Smith. This principle is at the core of West Virginia’s decades long drug problem. … Read More
CON law hurts West Virginians

CON Law Cons Must Be Stopped

Lemonade Stands & CON Law Did you start a lemonade stand as a child? I certainly did. My mom had a fantastic lemonade recipe – perfectly tart and sweet. We would make it in the kitchen during the summers. My little brother and I would set up a stand at… Read More
what public policy reforms are needed next for families in WV?

What Public Policy Reforms Are Next?

Big Wins In K-12 Public Policy, But What’s Next? There is little doubt that West Virginia’s public policy problems are legion. They have built up over the last several decades. First and foremost among said problems was a lack of options in the state’s calcified K-12 education system. With… Read More
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Health Care in Rural Communities is Negatively Impacted by CON

West Virginia Isn’t Healthy Across the nation, West Virginia is known for its poor health. We face an opioid epidemic, have the highest obesity rate in the country, and rank 1st in coronary heart disease. To make things worse, we lack access to basic health care with more than… Read More
Addiction recovery is hard enough, let's not make it worse

Addiction Recovery is Tough, WV Shouldn’t Make It Tougher

Addiction Recovery in West Virginia Addiction stinks: it drains individuals, families, and entire communities. We have lost thousands to this plague, but there has been hope in those who have overcome it. If Mountaineers are ever to overcome this horror, the focus should be on getting more people in… Read More
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Why Are Taxes So Hard To Do?

Why Are Taxes So Hard? As tax season winds down and you’re deep in your last-minute filing, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking, “why are taxes so stinkin’ hard?!”   No doubt, I’ve sat in front of my computer on late nights trying to figure this all out. More than once,… Read More