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Ranked-choice voting could work

Can Ranked-Choice Voting Work for Conservatives?

Conservatives give me the stink eye when I tell them I favor ranked-choice voting, which many jurisdictions are considering for 2022. But when combined with election integrity and voter education, this alternative voting process has advantages that outweigh its… Read More
WV needs to be more competitive

Let’s Make West Virginia More Competitive!

New Year, New Policies As the calendar nears its annual turnover, the Cardinal Institute will be turning its attention to new endeavors as well. While education will continue to be a major priority for us, the fact remains that West Virginia has many more mountaintops of policy reform that must… Read More
School Fair in Wheeling!

National School Choice Week 2022 Events

Find your perfect school at the School Fair!… Read More
Education Reform

WV Should Create a Refundable Education Tax Credit

West Virginia Should Consider Refundable Education Tax Credits in 2022 The future of education is strong in West Virginia. The Hope Scholarship is heading towards full implementation in July, and five charter schools will be operational for the 2022-2023 school year. With these two victories achieve… Read More
Police often steal private property through CAF

Civil Asset Forfeiture in West Virginia

Seizing Freedom On February 19, Nevada police pulled over Stephen Lara. Lara consented to a search of his vehicle, where police discovered almost $90,000 of cash in a backpack. “I don’t trust banks, so I keep my own money,” he said. “I have nothing to hide from you.” Police… Read More
Red apples on top of a stack of books with scissors and chalk next to them

WVU is Making Smart Choices in Its Program Review

WVU is Making Smart Choices in Its Program Review Last month, West Virginia University (WVU) announced that 15 programs had been recommended for merger or discontinuation following a program review. Generally, these decisions are consistent with the Cardinal Institute’s report in September, Bad Retu… Read More
Pills spilling from a magenta bottle

An Epidemic in the Mountain State

History of the Opioid Epidemic in West Virginia Over the last decade, the rate of overdose-related deaths and illnesses due to opioid use has skyrocketed across the country. However, this tragedy has impacted the Mountain State more than any other. West Virginia has reliably had the highest overdose… Read More
new charter schools opening in WV

Charter Schools: A New Day is Dawning in West Virginia 

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, West Virginia officially approved the first three charter schools in its history. Schools will open in the Nitro, Morgantown, and Eastern Panhandle areas of West Virginia. While it is much too early to know whether these schools will be successful – that’s up to… Read More
Thank you Mom!

Thanks to Parents Who Made Education Choice Possible Before it Was Real

Here’s to the parents who made education choice possible before it really was there A little more than 18 years ago, I was wrapping up middle school and getting ready to start high school. At the time, I was supposed to go to Herbert Hoover High School near Clendenin. My… Read More
We explain how the Hope Scholarship can help your family.

How Does the Hope Scholarship Work?

Introduction In August of this year, I moved from Northern Virginia to Charleston. I had accepted the position of Education Outreach Coordinator with the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy. My job is to promote the Hope Scholarship in West Virginia. During my two months on the job, I have… Read More