Trust in Our
Track Record

We’ve walked this path before with success. The Hope Scholarship program stands as a testament to our commitment. In just five years, we transformed West Virginia from a state with limited options in school choice to one with the most expansive private school choice program in the nation.

Our efforts earned us recognition as one of the six Templeton Freedom Award finalists.

We aim high. We win big.

Together, we can restore dignity to West Virginians, providing them the freedom and the pathway to realize their full potential.

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    1. What do Mountaineers think about our state's economy

    2. What do voters think is the cause of WV's low labor force participation rate?

    1. What do Mountaineers think of the majority of individuals on public assistance in WV?


The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy works alongside Mountaineers to build a West Virginia Miracle founded on economic freedom, education freedom, worker freedom, and a culture of freedom enshrined in the state motto: Mountaineers are Always Free.

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