School Choice is the Future of West Virginia


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School Choice Helps Children Achieve Their American Dream

Every child should have access to a quality education. Education is the bedrock of a prosperous society, equipping future generations with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. Thus, it is essential that we provide each student with the ability to achieve their own version of success. To do this, we must have school choice.


What is School Choice?

School choice refers to the idea that parents and students should have the ability to freely choose their educational institution. This empowers parents as active participants in their child’s future and recognizes that they are in the best position to determine what is right for their child. Rather than being confined to one school based on their ZIP code or financial status, families should have the opportunity for more options. School choice recognizes the individuality of every child and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not conducive to success.


What are the Benefits of School Choice?

Further, school choice promotes healthy competition among education providers and institutions. When schools must compete for students, they’re naturally incentivized to deliver their best quality of education while continuously reviewing and improving their offerings. This also helps to promote educational accountability: Schools must continuously demonstrate their ability to meet parent and student expectations.

Moreover, school choice reduces inequality in education. By expanding options and offering more resources, we can empower every child to break free from failing schools and enter into high performing programs and institutions. By enabling families to choose alternative education, students have a better chance for an education that suits their needs to achieve their own personal versions of success.


The Future of Education in West Virginia

This transformative approach to education acknowledges individuals, fosters competition, and promotes educational accessibility. Through empowering parents and students with choice, we are actively revolutionizing our education system, launching it into the next century.

Finally, after decades of falling behind, West Virginia has entered the education freedom arena. With three charter schools and the Hope Scholarship families are now able to be more active in their child’s education.

With more choice, educational opportunity may only prosper.



Jessica Dobrinsky Harris is a Policy Analyst for the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy.

Cardinal Team


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