February 8, 2021

2021 Education Savings Accounts(ESAS) Coalition Letter

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Fellow Mountaineers,

The undersigned organizations believe West Virginia stands on the precipice of brighter futures for kids across the Mountain State through the power of educational freedom and a customized education experience. Furthermore, we believe education savings accounts, known as ESAs, are the vehicle best suited to maximizing the opportunity for each child to reach his or her potential through the transformative power of education. The concept of an educational experience customized specifically for an individual child is no longer theoretical, as it can be given to each student through the benefits of an ESA program.

There is no doubt that parents not only know their own children far better than anyone else, but they also have the greatest incentive to make sure their child receives the type of education that will help him live up to his potential. ESAs are the latest evolution in the education policy arena in that they give parents the ability to manifest the reality of a customized education, regardless of income, socioeconomic status, or ZIP code.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that each child learns differently and thus requires different learning structures, settings, environments, and curricula. Even children in the same household have demonstrated vast differences in their aptitudes and attitudes toward virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is incumbent upon the status quo to evolve, so that it can effectively meet the challenges revealed not only during the pandemic, but through the experience of countless children throughout the decades across West Virginia.

ESAs will not only benefit students and their families, but will save taxpayers’ money, and ensure an education environment that is flexible, adaptable, and responsive to the needs of every single student.

ESAs are not only the future in education policy but the future for West Virginia.


You can read the press release associated with this letter here.


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