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PRESS RELEASE: Hope Scholarship Injunction


DATE: July 7th, 2022



Amanda Kieffer, Communications Director at Cardinal Institute for WV Policy

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Cardinal Institute Expresses Disappointment in Injunction Against Hope Scholarship

Charleston, W. Va.— The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy is disappointed in the Kanawha County Circuit Court’s decision yesterday morning to grant the request for an injunction against the Hope Scholarship, West Virginia’s new education program that would give families across the state greater choice in their children’s education.


The Cardinal Institute has been fighting for the education freedom of families in the Mountain State since our founding and has been actively helping families and education service providers navigate the program since its creation.


“The Hope Scholarship is about empowering students and families. Though many education options have already existed, a lot of families have not had access to these alternatives. The Hope Scholarship gives families the means to afford the education that best fits the needs of their children,” said Andrew Bambrick, Education Outreach Coordinator for the Cardinal Institute. “This injunction puts over 3,000 students in limbo and causes further confusion. We remain optimistic about the future of the Hope Scholarship and will continue fighting for West Virginia families.”


The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy believes that parents are best equipped to make the right decisions for their child’s education and that education funds should be used to fund students not systems.


This is not the end. We are optimistic that this decision will be appealed and encourage families to remain patient as we continue to fight for the students of the Mountain State.


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