Press Release: Education Reform Coalition

November 30, 2018  

Amanda Kieffer
Communications Associate, The Cardinal Institute
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Effort will seek to empower parents with access to additional educational options through community engagement, online resources, and public events 

CHARLESTON – Today more than a dozen organizations came together to show their support for expanding education freedom in West Virginia with the launch of the new “West Virginia Voices for Education Choices” coalition. This effort will focus on connecting directly with parents throughout the state and empowering families to understand their current education options. Additionally, the coalition will seek to increase knowledge on what education freedom could mean for West Virginia’s children, families, and future.

West Virginia is among the worst states in the nation when it comes to empowering parents with education options. According to the recent study “Freedom in the 50 States,” published by the Cato Institute, West Virginia is 40th for education freedom. While more than half the states in the United States offer some form of private or public school choice, West Virginia is one of only 4 states that do not. Further, 31% of West Virginia’s graduating high school students have to take remedial courses in college. It is essential that every one of West Virginia’s approximately 300,000 students have access to a high-quality education that meets their individual needs and learning style.

The coalition is led by the Cardinal Institute for WV Policy with support from several organizations including: Association of Christian Schools International, Classical Conversations of WV, National School Choice Week, EdChoice, WV Christian Educators Association, and Catholic Education Partners.

“This effort will build on the momentum we see throughout the state to bring more education choices to parents in West Virginia. It’s time that our families have access to educational options that work best for their child and his or her individual learning style,” said Garrett Ballengee, Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute. “We believe that West Virginia is long overdue in ensuring that each child has the access to an education that will best prepare him for his brightest possible future,” Ballengee continued.


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