PRESS RELEASE: Cardinal Institute Encourages Continued Tax Reform Discussions


DATE: July 21, 2022 



Amanda Kieffer, Communications Director, The Cardinal Institute for WV Policy

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Cardinal Institute Encourages Continued Tax Reform Discussions


Charleston, WV – The Cardinal Institute is encouraged by recent proposals that rekindle the tax reform discussions and the possibility of reforms occurring as soon as this summer.


“Over the last few years, the West Virginia state government has lived within its means and maintained a relatively flat budget,” said Jessi Troyan, the Director of Policy and Research for the Cardinal Institute. “Today, the state is enjoying record surpluses, and it is necessary and proper for lawmakers to consider lightening the load and putting money back in the pockets of hardworking West Virginians through tax reform.”


“There is robust evidence that tax reforms and tax cuts stimulate economic growth. In light of current economic challenges, it is imperative that stakeholders continue discussions to ensure that the West Virginia state tax code is reformed and modernized to maintain our current momentum,” Troyan continued.



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