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Cardinal Releases New Research on Home-Based Businesses in West Virginia


DATE: July 22nd, 2021



Amanda Kieffer, Communications Director at Cardinal Institute for WV Policy

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Cardinal Institute Releases New Research on the Benefits of Home-Based Businesses in West Virginia


Charleston, W.Va – The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy announces the release of its new research paper reviewing home-based business regulations in West Virginia.


“While state and local leaders are justified in concentrating on policies like taxation, infrastructure, and education in their efforts to cultivate desirable conditions for West Virginia’s economic resurgence, home-based businesses (HBBs) represent an amazing opportunity for growth and prosperity,” said Garrett Ballengee, Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy. “The pandemic has reoriented the ways in which society views the connections between work and life. West Virginia is uniquely positioned to benefit from that shift. However, it is imperative that state and local leaders understand and appreciate the ways that regulation can either stifle or cultivate this burgeoning opportunity which can both attract new people to West Virginia and ease the burden for current residents to change their economic circumstances.”


The paper entitled, “Homegrown Revival: Removing Barriers to Home-Based Entrepreneurship in West Virginia” examines this issue in three sections: 1) detailing the data on home-based businesses and challenges facing West Virginia’s economy 2) discussing the potential contributions of HBBs and surveying data on how cities currently restrict HBBs in West Virginia and 3) suggesting ways in which state and local governments can remove unnecessary barriers to growth.


“It is our hope that policymakers, civic leaders, chambers of commerce, and anyone invested in a better future for West Virginia will take a hard look at the suggestions contained in this report and begin to act on policies that will ensure West Virginia’s economic future represents one of opportunity and enhanced prosperity,” Ballengee continued.


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