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Cardinal Institute Applauds Promises to Fund Pay Raises with Spending Cuts

Free-market think tank applauds promises made to finance public employee pay raises through spending cuts and rather than tax increases

CHARLESTON, WV (March 6, 2018) — The Cardinal Institute for WV Policy applauds reports of the commitment being made to pay for public employee pay raises through spending cuts rather than tax increases. The Cardinal Institute issued the following statement:

“As West Virginia continues to walk the fiscal tightrope, it is imperative that new spending commitments –such as the reported 5 percent pay hike for all public employees – be paid for through spending cuts to existing programs rather than through tax increases. As West Virginia continues to lose population, the burden of taxation lies on fewer and fewer taxpayers – this burden cannot be allowed to continue if West Virginia wishes to grow its way out of its current fiscal and economic predicament,” said Garrett Ballengee, Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute. “We hope that the legislature will continue to use the Cardinal Institute’s ‘Wild, Wasteful West Virginia’ report as a guide for possible areas of budget fat to cut,” Ballengee noted.

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