Ep. 005: City Mouse Goes Country

Adam Kissel has made a career of helping others and advocating for liberty. He supported civic literacy with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, fundamental rights at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and philanthropy at the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) and The Philanthropy Roundtable (TPR). He has even spent time as the deputy assistant secretary for higher education programs at the U.S. Department of Education overseeing a $2 billion loan portfolio. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Adam re-evaluated his priorities and decided that he no longer wanted to live in Washington, D.C. and opted to make a change. Adam is excited to be a new resident of Charleston, West Virginia and to be part of the Cardinal’s Institute’s team advancing liberty and opportunity across the state as a senior fellow. In today’s episode, Garrett interviews Adam about his decision to leave the city mouse life behind. 

Special Cameo by Frank, Adam’s chocolate lab. 


You can read Adam’s article in Reason Magazine:  It’s Time to Leave Your City. Come to West Virginia With Me. 


If you aren’t already familiar with the children’s story, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, you can watch a cartoon version of it here


You can learn more about Adam Kissel and his work on the Cardinal Institute’s website


You can also read the article Adam mentioned entitled Goodbye, Washington DC., in Human Events


City Mice Go Country by J.D. Tuccille in Reason Magazine mentioned by Garrett. 




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