The Hope Scholarship Resource Center

What is the Hope Scholarship?

West Virginia parents now have more flexibility and choices to educate their children. The Hope Scholarship, passed in the Legislature during the 2021 Regular Session, is a portion of state-allocated educational dollars that funds a student for use on a range of state-approved educational items.

The Hope Scholarship is an Education Savings Account program, more commonly known as an “ESA.” The Scholarship will allow parents and families to use the money to fund an individualized learning experience that works best for their child.

How much money will my family be eligible to receive?

The Hope Scholarship gives parents approximately $4,300 each year, per child to customize each individual child’s education. However, that amount may be subject to change each year based on the state’s education funding formula.

I have more than one child. Are they all eligible?

The Hope Scholarship gives eligible parents approximately $4,300 per child, per school year. They will receive the funds in two deposits: The first on August 15 and the second on January 15.


Check out our FAQ for Parents and Providers for more information!