Support Education Choice in the Mountain State


Because we shouldn’t deny our children the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Why should West Virginia families be denied the same choices available to students and parents in other states?

Every day we wait to expand opportunities in education, thousands of students are missing out on the chance to achieve their dreams.

The Cardinal Institute is working to raise awareness of the need for greater school choice in our state, while strongly supporting our traditional public schools and our talented educators.

Our goal is to gain access to better school choice options for all of West Virginia families –– this year. 

But to succeed, we need your help! 

To follow our progress, show your support, or learn how you can help, sign up today:

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You deserve to be in charge of your child’s education!

Every child deserves a great education. But all children are different, and students learn in different ways. School choice puts parents in charge, allowing moms and dads to choose the schools or learning environments that best meet their children’s needs, interests, talents, and challenges. Do you want to find a school that better meets the needs of your daughter or son? Do you think your child would have a better chance at success in a different environment? Many families feel the same way!


West Virginia families need more school choice options.

Two years ago, West Virginia took the first step in expanding school choice. But Mountain State families still have fewer options than parents in most other states. For example, many other states:

–– Allow parents to choose public schools outside of their school districts

–– Provide access to a wide variety of tuition-free charter schools

–– Offer theme-based magnet schools, focusing on math, science, technology, or the arts

–– Allow parents to choose free, full-time, flexible online schools

–– Give parents access to Education Savings Accounts to make private schools more affordable