Nathanael Phipps

Nate is an avid supporter of entrepreneurship and believer in the ability of free markets to uplift communities. He also firmly believes that providing individuals with meaningful employment opportunities, which promote autonomy, is essential to increasing their standard of living and overall life satisfaction.

Nate has his B.S. in Youth & Family Studies from Boyce College, and in 2021, he completed his MBA along with a Graduate Certificate in Middle Eastern Politics from Regent University. During the highly contested 2022 mid-term election cycle, he worked as a Digital Media Analyst for various U.S. Senators to provide marketing and development support.

Nate grew up in Upstate New York. Unlike Manhattan or Brooklyn, this area of New York resembles West Virginia with its lively small towns, mountains, and forests.

In his free time, he endeavors to read more books than he watches TV. He is currently learning Hebrew and enjoys listening to podcasts on a variety of subjects.

Nate joins the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy as our Communications & Social Media Associate.

Fun fact: Nate first learned to write in cursive, and still prefers to write in cursive over print.