Income Tax Freedom

Eliminate the income tax, create a path to prosperity

Thank you for your dedication. Being here means you believe in a better future for West Virginia. A future of long-overdue prosperity. . . for your family, for your neighbor, for your fellow West Virginian.

Until the recent tax cut, West Virginia had the highest income tax of any of its surrounding states. The recent tax cuts were a major accomplishment, especially in this day and age of tax-and-spend policy. But West Virginia still has higher income taxes than all but one surrounding state. We still have a long way to go, and we have the momentum to make it happen.

Together we can make West Virginia a state known for economic prosperity, where our kids and grandkids can find opportunity. Government taxing and spending your money won’t make it happen. The Cardinal Institute knows it will happen when you keep more money in your pocket. When families keep more of their hard-earned income. And when businesses can reinvest more of their revenue.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Cardinal Institute enables West Virginians to keep their hard-earned dollars and paves the path to prosperity for our state. Thank you for joining us in fighting for a better West Virginia.