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It’s Time to Celebrate ALL Teachers!

This week is teacher appreciation week – a week where students all over the country express their gratitude for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice made by their teachers. Teachers are inspiring; they help us grow in more ways than just book knowledge. I’m sure nearly everyone can think of… Read More
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What the Future May Hold

Now that we find ourselves somewhere around March 83rd, after having spent the last several weeks in quarantine, I’ve started to ponder what the world is going to be like once we’re “released back into the wild” — as I’ve come to call it.   I think it’s safe to… Read More
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Crisis and the Search for Normalcy

What follows is a series of observations and ramblings. You have been warned.   If only there were something for us to discuss – some paradigm-shifting, traumatizing event that we’re all experiencing together. Oh yes, that’s right, working from home, quarantined (stuck?) with our families. I’m… Read More
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Suspend Certificate of Need Laws Now

Yesterday our Executive Director sent a letter to Governor Justice pleading with him to immediately and indefinitely suspend Certificate of Need laws in response to the COVID-19 crisis facing West Virginia. Maybe you’ve never heard of Certificate of Need (CON) laws, but, in a nutshell, these laws re… Read More
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Hand Sanitizer, Price Gouging, and the Coronavirus:

Lately, it seems like everyone has a story, or a picture posted on their social media account of the cobwebs and a “LIMIT: 2” sign inhabiting the store shelves where hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray or wipes, or toilet paper used to live. After leaving the store empty-handed, maybe you thought… Read More
West Virginia

A New Mountaineer Mindset

“It’s a ’good ol’ boy’s’ club here! Always has been and always will be!” This was one of the first things people told me when I moved to Charleston from my small hometown in Kentucky. My starry-eyed enthusiasm for moving to a big city in a new state wavered when… Read More
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West Virginia School Choice Week 2020

This year’s West Virginia School Choice Week was a blast! We had nearly 700 students, parents, teachers, and school administrators come out to celebrate education freedom in the Mountain State with us!   Due to the busy schedule of the legislature, Senator Patricia Rucker came out early… Read More
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“Well, It’s an Election Year…”

Does West Virginia have time to wait? No, it does not. Will it wait? Yes, I’m afraid it must. As most West Virginians know, the state’s economy, education system, and demographics are not healthy. Are they better than a few years ago? Certainly. However, West Virginia is not in a… Read More
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New Year, New West Virginia!

If you’re like most people, you make resolutions at the beginning of every year – lose weight, read more books, travel someplace new, finish a degree, etc. A new year is a chance at a fresh start – it’s an easy marker on the calendar that allows you to push… Read More
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An Economist Ruins Christmas Gift Giving. . . Maybe

Friends, Christmas is less than a week away! Hopefully, you’ve finished all your shopping. If not… I wish you luck this weekend out with fellow procrastinators.   With the spirit of gift-giving in the air, there are two key ways to think about the gifts you pick out for friends… Read More