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Freedom to Work

West Virginia in Bottom Half of States for Freedom to Work

West Virginia Has Some of the Worst Barriers to Work in the United States A new report from the Archbridge Institute has revealed just how difficult big government makes working in the Mountain State. In terms of occupational licensing burden, West Virginia clocks in at… Read More

Three Policies for a Cryptocurrency Friendly WV

Crypto Roads, Take Me Home: Three Policies for a Cryptocurrency Friendly West Virginia The Future of Cryptocurrency and West Virginia Whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other countless blockchain tokens available today, one thing is clear: cryptocurrency is here to stay. However, many st… Read More
consumption taxes

Consumption Taxes Provide Choice to Consumers

Keep Your Paycheck Every year, shortly after January 1st, you go into work. After a week or two, you receive that year’s first paycheck. Much to your dismay, the list of taxes begin to pile up: federal, state, payroll. Each eating away at the money you earned. Each… Read More

ChatGPT Talks CON Laws

Interviewing OpenAI’s ChatGPT About Certificate of Need Laws Technology is growing incredibly fast, so I wanted to see what AI thinks of current health care regulations. I recently sat down with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and was briefly able to discuss Certificate of Need (CON) laws with it. Here is… Read More
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Occupational Licensure Stands in the Way of Prosperity

Occupational Licensure Stands in the Way of the Path to Prosperity The path to prosperity, for most people, starts with income. Income, collected and saved over time, is what lines the coffers of most financially secure people, regardless of what they may have converted it to over the… Read More